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Shiva Bit Plast is cold applied bituminous compound with volatile solvent and mineral filler.It remain plastic for quiet a length of time .It is ready to use waterproofing sealant .It is ideal for conditions where certain expansion ,contraction and vibrations are expected.It also very useful in sealing minor cracks /gaps and also hooks used for fixing AC/CGI Sheets.

Shiva Bond

Shiva bond is cold applied bituminous adhesive coating used for stick roofing bitumen felt on:

  • Metal
  • Tiles
  • Abestos sheets
  • Concrete surfaces and many other use for water proofing .

Mastic point

Shiva mastic paint is bitumen based on anti-corrosive ,non -toxic paint for protecting internal surface for water tanks/pipes against corrosion.

Shiva bituminous paint (internal chemistry coating) Grade IS -158/81

Shiva bituminous paint is acid and alkali resistant specially recommended for use of coating on internal surface of chimney.

Note :In addition of our product description .We are manufacturing customer oriented  various bituminous  product.