Shiva Bitumen Black Glossy Point


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Type black gloss paint based on a mixture of dryers ,oils bitumen black.Intended use protecting seal and metal work may also be used on wood.Special features exceptional resistance to water penetration ,attack by acids alkalis and chemical in general.

Preparation :

Metal surfaces must be clean and fee from dust ,oil grease, and any other contaminants likely to affect adhesion and drying rate .Old paint must be removed with strypit paint vanish remover .Any loose rust should be removed with a wire brush and for maximum protection the surface should be treated with rust remover applications apply liberally with a brush.

Coating instruction

  • Coats:One coat usually sufficient.If applying to absorbent timber,that first coat with 10-20 %. white spirit and apply a second coat.
  • Drying Time: The product is touch try in approx. 2 hours and a and hard dry after 16-24 hrs. depending on temperature and humidity .
  • Re-coating Time:16-24 hours if necessary
  • Application temp :Ideally 15-25 0C.Do not use below 100C OR IN conditions of high humidity
  • Coverage Approx:12-14 Sq.meters per coat depending on the absorbency of the surfaces.