Shiva Cationic Rapid Setting (RS-1)


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The Rapid setting grades are designed to react quickly with aggregate and revert from the emulsion state to bitumen . Shiva Catonic bitumen emulsion RS-1 used primarily for spray applications such as aggregate seals , surface treatments and asphalt penetration macadam .This provide uniform and strong Tack Coat .

Technical property :
Property Value obtained RS-1 Specify Value as per IS :8887-2004
Residue on sieving(600 u Sieve) 0.05 0.05 max
Coagulation of the emulsion at low temperature Nill Nill
Misibilty with water No coagulation No coagulation
Particle charge + ve + ve
Viscosity by saybolt Furol viscometer ,@ 25 0C 63 20-100
Storage stability after 24hrs % MAX 0.96 2.0
Test on residue
Residue by evaporation , % Min 62.5 60
Penetration 96 80-150
Ductility 67 50 min
Solubility in trichloroethane ,Min 98.7 98

Gain over normal bitumen

Shiva cationic bitumen emulsion RS-1

Very easy in use and give uniform spray which require low temperature curing. This provide a strength of layer which imperviously prevent from water ingress.