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Innovation is one of the most critical capability that successfully organization possesses. It stems from creativity and is often defined by the benefits that are produced.
While information ability partially genetic ,Shiva Bitumen express creative talent .By using worldwide latest ,launched its innovative and unique product name “SHIVA COLD BIT” . This product aggregated with unique and extra ordinary features , while avoiding pollution and cutting down cost and time investment . First time in bitumen industry ,Shiva bitumen innovated this product can be used in multi purpose of building construction in any climatic conditions.

Features :

  • Ready to use
  • No heating
  • Easy to use
  • Anti massive anti corrosive
  • Water resistance
  • High adhesive property.
  • No pollution
  • Usable under in any climate condition
  • Anti massive and anti corrosive


  • Surface dressing
  • Coat application
  • use in building construction
  • Integrated with pin point holes
  • Roof proofing and many more uses such as water proofing solution .


  • In 20Kg .100kg and 200kg Sealed MS drum.

Gain over normal bitumen

Shiva cold bit is very economical and easy to use. This product is ready to use and can be used in any climate for example : directly used in rainy season.Saving time and therefore no heating cost . Pollution free water proofing solution.

Application precautions:

  • Do not use material that have become wet or damaged.
  • Cover material stored outside with a full breathable tarp.
  • Follow all recommended application guidelines .
  • Read material safety data sheet before using.
  • For professional roofing use contractor.

Product Safety information :

Shiva cold bit ready to use offers no unusual health hazards of safety risk nature . The user should not assume that all safety measures are indicated ,sufficient or that other measures may not be required.

Shiva cold bit application :
Step 1 : Dusting off the surface .
Step 2 : Cleaning surface with water .
Step 3 : Wait for 30-60 minutes.
Step 4 : Shaking of Shiva cold bit drum.
Step 5 : Coat Shiva cold bit with brush.