Shiva Expansion Joint Filler Board


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This product is basically designed for sealing expansion joints. It is a quality fiber board prepared with a latest scientific approach , cellular in nature, securely bonded together ,uniformly saturated with bituminous compound.Impregnation with bituminous compound which makes it durable and water proof.Cellular nature provide compressible properties and ability to recover after compression load is released ; conforming to technical specification.It bear normal structural movements without breaking and cracking . Our cutting edge technology and high quality standards at every level ensure the required compression /Density /bitumen content /water absorbs percentage as specified technically .It ensure sealing of joints as no gap exits between the joint spaces .


Features :

  • Non extruding
  • Meet BIS specifications.
  • Excellent resilience.
  • Recover after compression
  • Cuts Cleanly
  • Excellent dimensional tolerances.
  • Unaffected by temperature extremes


EXPANSION JOINT FILLER BOARD is designed to relieve compressive stresses which develop when concrete expands in either horizontal , vertical or inclined directions . EXPANSION JOINT FILLER prevents the intrusion of foreign material into the joint which would prevent the joint from working .
EXPANSION JOINT FILLER BOARD will not extrude (coming out of the joint) from the joint under compression and service temperatures and will not become the brittle in cold weather.
EXPANSION JOINT FILLER BOARD is useful in all types of concrete construction in both exterior and in interior applications including concrete sidewalks ,curbs and gutters ,concrete foundations concrete slabs ,walls dams,bridge decks.


  • Concrete expansion :Sidewalks ,Sidewalks ,retaining walls,patios,curbs and gutters ,airport runways.
  • Concrete isolation joints : bridge approaches ,highway interchanges ,dams ,concrete abutments.
  • Header plate sealer
  • Sil sealer

Packing :

Thickness :12mm , 18mm, 25mm respectively . Size 4ftX ,4ft .

Product safety information :

Shiva bitumen offers no unusual health or safety risk for a product of this nature .As with any roofing process .proper ventilation ,clothing and eye protection is important .The user should not assume that all safety measures are indicated or that other measures may not be required.