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Shiva Industrial bitumen is a dark black petroleum residue modified by oxidation process into six grades, on the basis of softening point & penetration. SHIVA BITUMEN sources best quality Bitumen from leading refineries as raw material .All Grades of Bitumen are manufactured as specified in IS:73-1992 for Paving Bitumen Grade : S35(30/40 ) & fully blown / semi blown Bitumen Grades specified in IS:702-1988. In meet the quality requirement of Industrial Bitumen we have taken ISI Mark On Bitumen Grade 85/25, 90/15, 115/15 as specified in IS: 702-1988

Shiva industrial bitumen characterized by a high penetration and good cold properties quality features that are particularly important for the production of roofing and waterproof and also indispensable in the manufacture of poured asphalt.

Advantages :

  • It is safe & inexpensive having multiple application and uses.
  • It has excellent waterproofing and adhesion properties.
  • In building floors it act in water damp proofing ,acid / alkali resistant flooring.
  • In building / roofing it is used in roofing membranes/adhesive/primers/damp proof coating/plastic bitumen for leak stop liquid proof coating.
  • In fixing heat insulation material for building refrigeration and cold storage equipments.
  • In road construction their repair maintenance.
  • In preparation of bitumen mastic.
  • In manufacture of expansion joint filler boards and joint sealing compounds.Battery sealing compounds cable filling compounds.
  • In manufacture of asphalt for pipeline coating canal/ dam lining & hydraulic structure protection.


    • Drum containing Shiva Bitumen should be gradually heated , till it melts completely
    • Bitumen bright to normal working temperature is applied by pouring and spreading using rubber squeegee.

Precautions :

      • It should be well stirred to prevent local overheating.
      • Only required quantity should be heated.
      • For better performance it should not be overheated or it will loose many of its properties.
Penetration bitumen :
Specification Grade : 85/25 Grade : 90/15 Grade : 115/15
Specific gravity at 27 0 C 1.00 to 1.05 1.00 to 1.06 1.01 to 1.07
Penetration at 25 0 C ,1000 gm,5 sec 20/30 10/20 08/20
Softening point 0 C,cm,Min 80/90 85/100 110/120
Ductility at 27 0 C 3 min 2.0 min 2.0 min
Loss on heating PCT . (WT) 0.2 max 0.2 max 0.2 max
Flash point C 225 max 225 max 225 max
Solubility in CS2 (WT) 99.0 min 99.0 min 99.0 min