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Shiva Polyfelt is modified felt with 20/90 micron reinforcement for premium high performance roofing. It is a spun bond polyester reinforcement fabric made with a continuous filament and needle punched. The manufacturing process provides isotropic properties with excellent strength-to-weight ratio.

Most polyester reinforcements use low melting-point binders. Shiva Polyfelt is bonded with a heat resistant, cross-linked acrylic binder, providing excellent thermal stability. It is uniquely suited for use with hot asphalt applications. A condensing process during manufacture provides optimum fiber distribution.

And mat thickness which enhances bitument “bleed -through” saturation from both top ,bottom during applications.These characteristics create a completely monolithic waterproof membrane , with all levels of bitumen connected fibrous reinforcement forming a tough ,homogenous ,multi-ply, redundant water proofing assembly.


  • Suitable for repair work on bituminous roofing system file rooftops ,basements ,terrace garden ,godown etc.
  • Backer sheet for composite base flashing system.
  • Ply sheet for Electro metric Built- up Roofing.
  • Ply sheet for enhanced BUR systems.
  • Waterproofing of matter sheets Asbestos.

Features :

  • Toughness and strength : Four piles provides strain energy more than 42 times greater than 4 ply fiber glass.
  • Flexibility and thermo- conformability can be “molded” to irregular substrates with hot asphalt.
  • Triple the puncture and tear resistant of fiberglass sheets.
  • Fatigue life : withstands daily expansion and contraction due to thermal cycling ,better than rubber.
  • Durability:State of the art polyster ,reinforcing ,coupled with a unique waterproofing of shiva bitumen roofing , offers “no compromise” roofing assembly.

Benefits :

  • Versatility , strength , flexibility ,ease of applications make shiva polyfelt an ideal component for new construction ,re – roof ,restoration and green roof applications.
  • Ease of application :Shiva polyfelt accommodates most substrate ,angles,curves making applications faster and easier than more rigid fiberglass reinforcements products.
  • Faster Installation:lightweight rolls require less handling for more applied roofing.

Applications Guide :

When using shiva polyfelt in a built up membrane assembly , all piles must be fully encapsulated in hot 85/25 bitumen and shiva primer .In no place shall one ply touch another.To insure total adhesion , all felt shall be broomed or pressed into bitumen while still hot.

Applications precautions :

  • Do not apply to wet or damp surfaces.
  • Don not use materials that have become wet wet and damaged.
  • Follow all recommended applications guidelines.
  • cover material stored outside with a full cover breathable trap.
  • Read material data sheet before using for professional roofing contractor use only .

Product safety information :

Shiva polyfelt unusual health or safety risk for a product of this nature .As with any roofing process ,proper ventilation ,clothing and eye protection is important .The user should not assume that all safety measures are indicated or that other measures may not be required .

Packaging :
Grade Weight Size Thickness
1904 30 Kg 1m*20m 0.75mm
2104 35 Kg 1m*20m 1.0mm
2504 45 Kg 1m*20m 1.50mm
3004 30 Kg 1m*10m 1.00mm
4004 40 kg 1m*10m 3.00mm