Shiva Sealing Compound


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Shiva sealing compound is produced from blends of refined hydrocarban resins and plasticizing compounds reinforced with invert mineral filler ,and contain no solvents ,irritating fumes and obnoxious odors.The compound does not depend on oxidizing , evaporating ,or chemical action for its adhesive and cohesive strength.It shall be supplied in extruded rope form of suitable cross-section and such sizes as to fill the joint space when pipes are laid.The sealing compounds is protected by a suitable removable two pieces wrapper : the two piece wrapper is so designed that one half may be removed longitudinally without disturbing the other half to facilitate applications of the sealing compounds.

Graded /Uses

Shiva sealing compounds Grade -A (IS:8384-84):A hot pour sealing compounds having rubberized bitumen for filling concrete/gaps joints etc.
Shiva sealing compounds Grade -B (IS:8384-84):A coal tar based hot pour sealing compounds .It is resistant to fuel spillage and ideal for use over pre-formed gaps on concrete highways /runways etc.

Technical Specification

Bitumen (Petroleum plastic content) Min 50% – Max 70%
Volatile Matter 2.0 %
Specific Gravity 1.20 to 1.35
Ductility 5.0
Softening Point 320 0 F
Penetration 50-120