Shiva Silver Shield


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It is multipurpose,anti corrosive & water proofing black Bituminous Paint with Aluminum Finish.It comprises of
Oxidized Bitumen ,volatile Solvent and specially made Aluminum Paste.


SHIVA SILVER SHIELD is used as a protective coating on chimneys, iron and steel and masonry structures.It is also used as preservative over Bituminous waterproofing felts.It imparts pleasing finish and reflects the ultraviolet rays of sun.


SHIVA SILVER SHIELD can be applied over old painted surfaces without burning off/scrapping.Before its application over Bituminous felt surface must be dry and free loose dust (which must be properly Brushed Off).

Coverning capacity :
Over metal & old painted surfaces 9-11 Sq Meters per Ltr .
Over Bituminous Surface 7-9 Sq Meters Per Ltr .
Over brick Masonry & Concrete 5-7 Sq Meters per Ltr .


  • The container should be stored with air tight lid in cool and dry place
  • The container should be stirred frequently while in use for uniform finish.
  • The spray gun, brushes,applicator etc are to be washed with mineral oil followed by soap wash & drying after use.
  • Shiva Silver Shield is inflammable & keeps away from naked flame.