Shiva Tar -Felt is hessian based bituminios felt recommended for multi-purpose of roof and basements waterproofing . This felt is free from harmful moisture effects and produced through a adequate formulation and application ,as per IS specification. this saturated Hessian felt is created with oxidized bitumen compounds which avenue of easy use and improve bitumen quality.

Grade/Uses :

  • Type 3 grade 1 : Use for water proofing.
  • Type 3 grade 1 : Use for Damp proofing.

Gain over normal bitumen

  • Waterproofing of soils ,
  • Concrete
  • Corrugated asbestos or GI sheet.
  • Timber ,shell/folded etc.
  • Waterproofing of wagons ,trams,buses etc.
  • Waterproofing of grain ,godown and warehouses.
Weight Size
30 1m * 20m
35 1m * 20m
40 1m * 20m
45 1m * 20m
Technical Specification :
Sr.No. Test / characteristics Specification
Breaking Strength ,min .kg
01 . A . Wrap way 135
B. Weft way 90
02. Pliability Test A.Roll should not show cracks on unrolling.

B.No surface rupture exceeding 5mm.
03. Storage sticking layers should be capable of being separated without damage .
04. Pressure Head Should not leak.
05. Heat resistant Bitumen compound should not melt .
06. Water Absorption 2% max